Past Winners
P I G S.


Thursday 28th March 2019

1, Minutes of AGM 2018 & Apologies. ---They were accepted as a true record & duly signed. No matters arising. Apologies. Mike Veale. Martin Willmott.

There were 21 members present.

2. Chairman's Report.
Mike thanked all those present for coming to our meeting & mentioned the successful presentation evening at SUGO which was excellent & thanked our past captain Mike Alldritt for organising & his hard work & the support he has been given in the last 12 months.

He mentioned that 2018 had once again been a further successful year

He said to run our society took a great deal of work & thanked all the committee for the contribution that they make & particularly thanked Guy our treasurer & Nick our handicap Sec for their continued work & support. He also thanked the Buddies & Chris for everything he does in the running of our society.

All venues are booked for 2019 which can be found on our fixture cards which he thanked Mike Alldritt for doing.

(Full details of Mike's comments can be received by contacting Chris if required)

3. Treasurers Report
Guy reported that we are holding £427 in the bank & there is £410 out for deposits for 2019 season. Guy reported that 31 members had paid for 2018.

Richard Meredith asked if there was a specific amount of money that the society required & that any surplus amount be used to subsidise future golf days.
It was agreed to discuss at our next committee meeting & advise the membership on their decision.

4, Secretary Report.
Sec reported our best turnout for 2018 was at Edgbaston where we had 24players we also had attendances of 20 at Burghill / Hagley.

We have 36 members, which has increased by 1 (3 are non-playing (Steve Welsh, Mike Dandey & Trevor Macey) we had 31 players during 2018.

We will continue in 2019 to play more top grade courses & this year all our venues are new to the PIGS. Puckrop. Worcestershire (Malvern) Tadmartin Heath, Frilford Heath. Bank House. We also have our annual trip to Hereford via Westfields golf day.

We have our normal match against St Johns WMC here in July.

We are also touring Portugal again this year in early June. & in late September we have extended 2 extra days at Frilford Heath staying in Oxford

I would like to thank Nick for the work he does on our web site. Which is up to date at this moment in time & is excellent.

Finally Chris thanked Mike Alldritt for the putting together of the small fixture cards.

The following were elected. Proposed. 2nd By.
Chairman. Mike Dandey.
Secretary. Chris Williams. All were voted in en bloc
Asst Sec. Andrew Marsh. Rod Ward Gareth Thomas
Treasurer Guy Taylor.
Asst Treasurer. Alan Dale.
Competition Sec Andrew Marsh.
Handicap Sec. Nick Bennett.
The position of Captain went to Phil Lewis last year's vice-captain & Phil proposed as his vice-captain Rob Andrews. Who unable to attend the meeting but confirmed to Phil that he was honoured to accept the position.

6. Membership subscription 2019

No change to last year & will remain at £5.

7. Singles Draw

The draw for Rounds 1 was made & will be circulated.

8. Portugal Tour / Oxford Tour

Steve reported that all arrangements are in hand & all outstanding money was either collected or organised.
The trip to Oxford was all booked & that 16 members has paid £100 deposit & that Chris will need to collect the balance in July & will contact everyone concerned

9. Handicap Secs Update.

Nick reported that we have now adopted that the handicap limit will be increased to 36.

Members will be allowed to maintain their handicap if they wish but the 10% adjustment will be offered to the next lowest position following each gold day.

10. AOB. Nothing asked.

Meeting closed at 8-25

Signed as true record of the 2019 AGM.

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